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❝I love your name. I don’t want to cheat myself out of a single syllable.❞
— Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park (via wordsnquotes)
❝You don’t know anyone at the party, so you don’t want to go. You don’t like cottage cheese, so you haven’t eaten it in years. This is your choice, of course, but don’t kid yourself: it’s also the flinch. Your personality is not set in stone. You may think a morning coffee is the most enjoyable thing in the world, but it’s really just a habit. Thirty days without it, and you would be fine. You think you have a soul mate, but in fact you could have had any number of spouses. You would have evolved differently, but been just as happy.

You can change what you want about yourself at any time. You see yourself as someone who can’t write or play an instrument, who gives in to temptation or makes bad decisions, but that’s really not you. It’s not ingrained. It’s not your personality. Your personality is something else, something deeper than just preferences, and these details on the surface, you can change anytime you like.

If it is useful to do so, you must abandon your identity and start again. Sometimes, it’s the only way.

Set fire to your old self. It’s not needed here. It’s too busy shopping, gossiping about others, and watching days go by and asking why you haven’t gotten as far as you’d like. This old self will die and be forgotten by all but family, and replaced by someone who makes a difference.

Your new self is not like that. Your new self is the Great Chicago Fire—overwhelming, overpowering, and destroying everything that isn’t necessary.❞
— Julien Smith, The Flinch
❝If you’re lonely, bored, or unhappy, remember you are mad young. There is so much time to meet new people and go to new places.❞
— Ezra Koenig (via antisocool)

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If you can’t believe the good in a person, how can you even start to imagine the good in God? Let’s learn to believe in people. 

❝When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.❞
— Stephen Richards (via observando)


Having a pet is so weird. Like neither of you speak each other’s language and yet you form some strong bond by rubbing against each other and sleeping together and you might accidentally kick them in the face or step on their tail once in a while but at the end of the day you two are best buddies from entirely different species.

❝That’s how you can tell that you’re filling yourself with the wrong things. You use a lot of energy, and in the end, you feel emptier and less comfortable than ever.❞
— Glennon Doyle Melton (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
❝Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.❞
— George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones (via observando)
❝Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.❞
— Unknown  (via psych-facts)